FREE Community Space for work that amplifies women's voices!

If you're doing work that amplifies the voices and stories of women, non-binary, and underrepresented genders and need space for a meeting, planning an action, teaching a class, or another activity that aligns with our mission, we want to help!

Our studios accommodate up to 25 people and can suit many types of activities.

You can learn more by reading the info below.

If you have questions that aren't answered below, send an email to, or if you're ready to make a request, fill out the Space Inquiry form, and we'll get back to you!


Seating & Tables:

(20) Black Folding Chairs

(2) 6 Foot Wood Benches

(1) 4 Foot Wood Bench

(2) 6 Foot Folding Tables

(1) 8 Foot Folding Table

(1) 36x36” Folding Card Table

(1) Folding Laptop Table

Production Equipment & Supplies:

(2) Nila Varsa Lights With Holographic Lenses & Color Filters

(4) C-Stands With Arms & Sandbags

(1) Ceiling Mounted 12 Foot Seamless Pull Down (Stationary)

12 Foot Seamless ($30 per tear) - 

(1) 9 Foot Black Velvet Curtain Backdrop

(2) Apple Boxes

(8) Spring Clamps

(2) 50 Foot Extension Cords

(2) Power Strips

(1) White Rope Light

(1) Fog Machine - You must provide juice!

(1) Heavy Duty Wardrobe Rack With Hangers

Disco Ball

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

(7) Music Stands

Props/Set Dressing:

(1) 10x12 Foot Area Rug

Assorted Stools & Chairs


(1) 10 Foot Ladder

(1) Hand Truck

Brooms & Dustpans

(3) Large Garbage Cans With Liners

Brand New AC Unit