The Year-Long ROO Writer's Residency

The Room of One's Own (ROO) Writer's Residency - takes its name both from the space it provides for the resident artist and the 1929 book by Virginia Woolf.

In "A Room of One's Own" Woolf wrote, “fictitious women, are too simple — contrary to the living, breathing, complex women of real life, (they) are almost always depicted only in their relation to men.” 

This one-year residency empowers feminist writers of all intersections to develop bold, innovative work for the stage or screen that center women (either living or historical), and highlight untold, or underrepresented, narratives and perspectives. The residency provides a space and comprehensive support for a chosen writer to delve into their artistic vision.  




March 1 - Applications Open

March 15 - Applications Close

March 27 - Finalists Selected

April 13-21 - Finalist Interviews

May 1 - 2024 Residency Recipient Announced 

Applications for the 2024/25 Residency will open on March 1, 2024

“At every turn, the Bechdel Project has demonstrated their steadfast belief in the play, the importance of its subject matter, and confidence in me as an artist. As a result, I have achieved my strongest and most relevant work to date. This wouldn’t have been possible without the ROO Residency.”