“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.

I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

— Angela Davis

Free Community Space

Due to recent and ongoing events that threaten the safety of the majority of Americans, we're providing free space for community groups and organizations who need to gather, heal, and organize.

We are thrilled to host "Social Workers Deserve Nice Things" on a regular basis, as well as other groups that apply through our community space application.

Men Against Sexism

An ongoing Consciousness-Raising program for men and allies to explore the work they can do to address the pervasive culture of sexism and male domination in our society.

The Wish Project

In response to the fall of Roe, we are supporting the work of the wish collective. Writers Dena Igusti, Julia Specht, Phanésia Pharel, Justice Hehir, Nia Akilah Robinson have created an amazingly unique piece that combines art and activism. We encourage everyone (especially those in ban states) to consider hosting their own readings of, "the wish."  #thewishplay

Bechdel Project Approved

There is so much fantastic work happening in the world. Bechdel Project Approved is a small way we want to help spread the word about mission-aligned storytelling! Let us know about feminist and Bechdel Test passing stories that have the power to change our culture so we can shout it out!

Whether it's supporting mission-aligned projects with space or engaging the public, community leaders, and storytellers on the issues, we are constantly seeking out ways to stimulate conversations, build coalitions, and expand impact.