Bechdel Project Approved

There is so much fantastic work happening in the world. Bechdel Project Approved is a small way we want to help spread the word about mission-aligned storytelling! Let us know about feminist and Bechdel Test passing stories that have the power to change our culture so we can shout about it!

Hadzabe School Supply Fundraiser

We believe education fuels story-telling. So when we were approached by our friends in East Africa with a request to help them with basic school needs for 65 children in their community we felt honored to help. We hope you will too! Learn more here.

Whether it's supporting mission-aligned projects through fund-raising campaigns or engaging the public, community leaders, and storytellers on the issues, we are constantly seeking out ways to stimulate conversations, build coalitions, and expand impact.

Reach out with your ideas of what you'd like to see us do next!