Who We Are

Bechdel Project is a feminist arts incubator for storytellers in all mediums. With over 50 years of combined experience in arts management, advocacy, and the creation of new work, we move nimbly to deliver a unique blend of art, activism, and education.

What We Do

Residencies, Fellowships, workshops, and readings all play a part in the development of both company-devised and playwright-originated work.

Decades of experience creating engaging experiential curriculum that has a profound impact. We offer workshops and residencies. across the country

Engagement at all levels of the industry to stimulate conversations, build coalitions, and gain traction, broadening our reach and deepening our impact.

Where We Work

Bechdel Project's studio spaces are located on the unceded lands of the Lanape people. This area is commonly known today as Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Our home is a former potato chip factory, now serving up new works and creative space for fellow artists of all backgrounds from around the world. Visit our studios!