Help our Friends in the Hadzabe Tribe Send their Girls & Boys to School!

Education fuels story-telling.

So when we were approached by our friends in East Africa with a request to help them with basic school needs for 65 children in their community we felt honored to help.

We hope you can help too.

*No gift is too small since our goal is just $1,500 to help 65 students!

Read more below to learn about this special community in Tanzania and how your support can help the stories of this special culture be told.

*100% of funds (minus card processing fees) goes to the Hazabe Tribe

The Hadzabe community is the smallest tribe in Tanzania numbering abound 1000. The community is located within the boundaries of the four regions namely Arusha, Manyara, Singida, and Meatu. They are the oldest hunter-gatherer tribe in the world and to this day their life depends on the natural environment to provide for their daily needs such as food and clothing. The Hadzabe have lived this way for more than 40,000 years in the East African region.

As hunter-gatherers, this society has had no activity that provides them with income, also historically, this society has never had any colonial rule. Consequently, the community was greatly despised because their activities did not meet the needs of the colonists or "contribute" to the economy. That contempt continues to this day.

Due to climate change, the rule of law, the growing population, and real estate pressures, the Hadzabe are living as slaves in their own land.

Increasingly, sexual abuse and child labor are being exploited by the surrounding communities, human rights abuses, stigma, and the use of human resources by the tourism industry. Consequently, many parents send their children to school without even knowing how they are going to survive. And knowingly, they are not able to help them with their schooling. Many children are eager to enroll in education but demand is a major challenge. children go to school without school uniforms or notebooks even change clothes and shoes as well.

A few young people in the community, have started this campaign to help the children of the Hadzabe community hunters and collectors to ensure their dreams come true and to be able to fight for social and land rights as well as the resources of the Hadzabe community. So we ask friends and family members wherever you are to help raise just $1,500 USD (or more) These funds can ensure these children get their basic needs in school. 55 Hadzabe children started primary school and 10 started high school this year. All of them do not have these basic needs, so we ask for your help friends.

Whether it's supporting projects we believe in like our fund-raising campaign above or engaging the public, community leaders, and storytellers on the issues, We are constantly seeking out ways to stimulate conversations, build coalitions, and expand impact.

Reach out with your ideas of what you'd like to see us do next!