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JENS RASMUSSEN MAGNETICS MOVEMENT LABS IN CLEVELAND & NYC Check out these FREE workshops! MAGNETICS is a physical training system that powerfully grounds performers in their bodies, and forges profound ensemble awareness. Developed by Jens Rasmussen over the last 20 years and drawing on Contact Improvisation, Suzuki, Viewpoints, and Michael Chekhov, MAGNETICS is a unique approach that meets each actor in their process and physical abilities. Thru MAGNETICS performers learn to trust their own instrument and most importantly their partners. Magnetics' roots go back 30 years, to when I first encountered neoclassical sculpture while studying in Denmark. These sculptures helped me, as a young actor, understand gesture, dynamic presence, negative space, connection, grounding. As I continued my development as an actor I was led by my many mentors to Michael Chekhov, Corporal Mime, Grotowski, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Butoh, and Contact Improvisation. All of these techniques built on and influenced my understanding of those initial concepts. In time, I was asked to teach younger actors. I quickly became aware of a two core deficiencies that many, if not nearly all, students struggled with. First, was being grounded in their own bodies, and second was being able to connect with their partners on stage. As I developed exercises and progressions to address these issues, I noticed that, not only could I profoundly address these core issues, other ancillary issues were also solved, and that the exercises themselves provided an effective training regime that addressed the actors whole instrument: body, mind, and spirit. Taken together the exercises create a physical language that can be used very efficiently in collaborative processes, such as devising. I have taught thousands of students using MAGNETICS, but until now, nothing has been put down in a transferrable form. These Free workshops are part of the research I am doing with former students that will culminate in a book of exercises and techniques, so that others can take advantage of these tools. I have seen over and over again what a strong and fertile foundation MAGNETICS can provide and look forward to this next phase. Thank you to everyone who has brought Magnetics to this point and those who will take it even further. If you're in Cleveland you can join us here at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts. If you're in NYC you can join us here for a more intensive multi day experience.